Illuminating Osiris: Egyptological Studies in Honor of Mark Smith


Richard Jasnow; Ghislaine Widmer; Betsy M Bryan; Maria Cannata; Michel Chauveau; Mark Depauw; Didier Devauchelle; François Gaudard; François René Herbin; Friedhelm Hoffmann; Karl-Theodor Zauzich; Janet H. Johnson; Mpay Kemboly; Holger Kockelmann; Andrea Kucharek; Nikolaos Lazaridis; Christian Leitz; Alexandra von Lieven; Cary J. Martin; Martina Minas-Nerpal; Luigi Prada; Joachim Friedrich Quack; Robert K. Ritner; Kim Ryholt; R. S. Simpson; Martin Andreas Stadler; Günter Vittmann; Sven P. Vleeming; Aleksandra Warda




Illuminating Osiris comprises twenty-seven articles by students, friends, and colleagues in honor of Mark Smith, professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford. Smith is especially renowned as a Demoticist and specialist in ancient Egyptian religion. His numerous Demotic text editions and translations of Egyptian funerary and religious compositions have been enormously influential in the field. The contributions in Illuminating Osiris naturally reflect Smith's particular interests in the religion and literature of Graeco-Roman period Egypt, dealing with cult, rituals, astronomy, and divination, among other subjects. The book includes many editions or reeditions of texts written in Demotic, Hieratic, and Ptolemaic Hieroglyphs. It is profusely illustrated and supplied with detailed indices.



November 1, 2016


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