Coping with Obscurity: The Brown Workshop on Earlier Egyptian Grammar


James P. Allen; Mark A. Collier; Andréas Stauder; Wolfgang Schenkel; Daniel A. Werning; Chris A. Reintges; Sami Uljas; Jean Winand; Julie Stauder-Porchet; Pascal Vernus




Coping with Obscurity publishes the papers discussed at the Brown University Workshop on Earlier Egyptian grammar in March, 2013. The workshop united ten scholars of differing viewpoints dealing with the central question of how to judge and interpret the grammatical value of the written evidence preserved in texts of the Old and Middle Kingdoms (ca. 2350–1650 BC). The nine papers in the volume present orthographic, lexical, morphological, and syntactic approaches to the data and represent a significant step toward a new, pluralistic understanding of earlier Egyptian grammar.



January 1, 2016


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